Koos Bosman : Managing Director

Koos Bosman: Principal Consulting Geotechnical Engineer and Managing Director
Email: webenquiry@ohms.co.za
Designation: Principal Consulting Geotechnical Engineer and Managing Director
Tertiary qualifications: NHD (Rock Eng.), CoM REC, CoM Adv. REC, GDE, M.Eng (RockEng.)
Number of years' experience: 29 Years
Professional affiliations: MSANIRE, MSAIMM, Pr.Nat.Sci

Koos is co-founder and shareholder of Open House Management Solutions (Pty) Ltd (OHMS) and currently serves as Managing Director. He has been involved in the mining industry since January 1987. Following experience in the production section of Hartebeestfontein Gold Mine, he started his career in Rock Engineering in April 1990. He worked in various capacities in rock engineering with large mines in South Africa until January 2000, when he co-founded OHMS.

Koos has extensive experience in the field of rock engineering and geotechnical engineering in mines. His experience extends to the commodities of gold, platinum, chrome, copper, nickel, cobalt, manganese, diamonds, coal, fluorspar and silica. These operations utilise a large variety of mining methods including strip mining, open cast mining, narrow scattered mining, deep and ultra-deep longwall and sequential grid mining, bord and pillar mining, block cave mining, sub-level open stoping and sub-level caving. He further has experience in a range of geotechnical environments such as metamorphosed, sedimentary, igneous, saprolitic and weathered sedimentary and tectonically deformed or contorted.