André Esterhuizen : Senior Consulting Geotechnical Engineer

Senior Consulting Geotechnical Engineer
Designation: Senior Consulting Geotechnical Engineer
Tertiary qualifications: : CoM SCO, CoM REC, CoM Adv. REC
Number of years' experience: 22 Years
Professional affiliations: MSANIRE, MSAIMM

André has been involved in the field of rock mechanics and geotechnical engineering since 2000. In 2004 he opened OHMS's first regional office at Lydenburg. During his career with OHMS he has worked at various client's operations practising at a range of technical, strategic and operational levels. During his career in rock mechanics, André has gained experience in the commodities of chromitite, platinum, copper, gold, coal, pegmatite (in the form of quartzite, feldspar, silica and mica) and diamonds. He is currently the operations manager in the Eastern Bushveld and his specialities (for both underground and surface mines) include:

  • Site investigation and material characterisation
  • Design of excavations and monitoring of their performance
  • Risk assessment
  • Fall of ground investigations
  • Open pit design
  • Pillar designs (shaft pillar, board and pillar, regional pillars)
  • Strata Control and Rock Engineering-related training
  • Design of excavations and geotechnical monitoring
  • Support layouts and design for normal and abnormal conditions
  • Drafting and auditing of COP for surface and underground mines
  • Day to day managing of Rock Engineering services for clients
  • Third party systems audits