Keyblock analysis software for support design and fall of ground hazard analysis.

JBLOCK support:

OHMS is the agent for JBLOCK.Contact Gerrit Kotze (webenquiry@ohms.co.za) for technical support or training requirements.


JBLOCK follows a probabilistic approach to keyblock analysis. Input parameters include joint orientation, partings, persistence, spacing, shear strength as well as the support layout and stope layout.

The basic use of JBLOCK is for qualitative analyses or comparative analyses relating to falls of ground and support layouts. Data can be calibrated using site specific fall of ground data and the analyses can incorporate laboratory as well as field strength data for discontinuities.

Latest update: JBLOCK3211

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JBLOCK support:

We provide the following services:
  • Administration of licenses (quotations, shipping of dongles).
  • Free telephonic or email based technical support.
  • On-site JBLOCK Technical support.
  • Off-site JBLOCK courses using JBLOCK .
  • On-site training courses using JBLOCK.

JBLOCK Consulting

We provide the following consulting services:
  • Data gathering, scan line mapping underground.
  • Oversight of laboratory testing (shear strength of open joints).
  • Pre-processing of field data to obtain input parameters for GEODOMAINS.
  • JBLOCK Analyses and reporting.
  • Third party review of projects.