Analytical Services

Hourly analysis

  • The first in the industry to market this product pro-active approach to analyses and reporting unlimited number of polygons.

Consultancy service

  • Highly qualified and experienced Mine Seismologists.
  • Responsiveness guaranteed.
  • Set-up and compilation of support standards.
  • Available 24/7.

Routine reports

  • Daily, weekly and monthly reports
  • Stability assessment.
  • User friendly, customizable and easy to interpret.

Seismic back analysis and hazard assessment

  • Back analysis of seismic events using the seismic system and numerical modelling.


  • Independent and comprehensive Includes, network sensitivity, communication quality, data capturing and processed data quality.

Forensic Seismology

  • Service offering will include Seismological and Rock Engineering experts from within OHMS as well as our associates. Service includes aspects such as underground visits, the identification of seismic sources and mechanism, both from an observational as well as theoretical point of view, comprehensive reporting and verification of data quality.

Seismic network design

  • Expansion or new network layout Includes network sensitivity, location accuracy, network calibration, configuration of the hardware, selection of communication protocols and hardware specifications will be investigated and the optimum recommendations will be made.


Training programs specially developed for different clients are available. Training is available in the following areas:
  • use of software
  • processing
  • instrumentation
  • data interpretation as well as on the
  • maintenance of seismic systems

Seismological Services

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