Full time on-site Rock Engineering Service

Macro Mine Design and Planning

  • Extraction sequences. Advice on business plans, mining methods and extraction sequences.
  • Shaft pillar extraction. Remnant mining.
  • Rock mass characterization and classification.

Support Design

  • Regional and local Pillar design.
  • Design and determination of local excavation support.
  • Set-up and compilation of support standards.
  • Slope support design and control.

Local Excavation Design

  • Layout and placement of excavations..
  • Stability assessment.
  • Rock mass classification and assessment.


  • Rock mass and support audit programs.
  • The installation and management of geotechnical instrumentation and output.
  • Stability assessments.

Risk Management

  • Risk and Hazard assessment programs.
  • Accident and incident investigations.
  • Panel risk rating systems and rock mass classification programs.


  • Rock Engineering input on long, medium and short term planning.

Code of Practice

  • Compile, update and maintain codes of practice.

Quality Control

  • In-situ quality inspections.
  • Product quality assurance programs.

Product development and testing

  • Setting up testing programs.
  • Liaise with product suppliers.


  • Interaction and representation of the client at the DMR regarding rock engineering design and recommendation.

Rock Engineering Services

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