About OHMS

Open House Management Solutions (OHMS) is an international technical services provider to the minerals industry. The company has been in operation since January 2000 and employs well trained and skilled, professional consultants with specialized experience in the field of geotechnical services. The services are focused on rock engineering, numerical modelling, seismology, geotechnical instrumentation and training in the various aspects of our services.

With offices located in Potchefstroom, Klerksdorp, Lydenburg and Kitwe, OHMS is ideally located to respond to specific requirements of clients, whether on- or off-site. Our consultants are industry leaders and are actively involved in the rock engineering aspects of mining projects worldwide. Our technical team is supported by a strong finance, admin and HR team, which ensures that all financial and legal compliances are adhered to.

In addition to the specialized and mobile consultancy service, we also have vast experience in on-site rock engineering, numerical modelling and seismological services by placing suitably qualified and experienced persons on site. OHMS is committed to providing continuity of service, continuous education and development and insuring proper career paths for personnel. The on-site teams are always supervised, coached, motivated and reviewed by a highly skilled professional consultant.

We apply industry best practices through utilizing all available technology and responsible innovative solutions based on qualified data. We strive to reduce the risk of our clients, which improves their profitability whilst adding value to the company and the communities in which we operate. OHMS provides the client with a source of geotechnical knowledge and experience in a time when a higher level of input is required. We strive to add value to projects both in terms of safety and financial sustainability.

The OHMS's experience base, capabilities and services are wide ranging in various geotechnical environments, ore bodies, mining methods (open cast, narrow tabular, massive mining, board and pillar) and mining depths (shallow, intermediate, deep and ultra-deep).

Since inception, we have been involved in geotechnical projects on the African continent, Pacific, Middle East and Eastern Europe. In addition to the services on projects, we also provide related services by placing suitably qualified and experienced professionals on the mine site as per contractual agreement over an extended period of time.

The OHMS team integrate with the client's team on mine sites or lead consultant's team on projects. However, we also provide input as independent consultants when required.

OHMS has the capability to perform numerical modelling at any point in a mine's life cycle or project study phase for open cast or underground mines.

Geological structures, anisotropy, heterogeneous rock masses, stress models, excavation geometries, constitutive behaviour, backfill and support elements can be incorporated in the assessments.

The numerical methods that is employed by the OHMS Modelling Division include finite element, boundary element (displacement discontinuity or fictitious force methods), and discrete element.

The numerical modelling packages and methods, which we use are based on the (i) finite element, (ii) boundary element (displacement discontinuity/fictitious force), (iii) discrete element, (iv) limit equilibrium, (iv) keyblock , (v) Monte-Carlo simulations, (vi) Point Estimate (vii) Rigid Body Fall Dynamic methods and codes, respectively.

Over the past 20 years OHMS has obtained core competencies in seismic monitoring, data analyses and system design.

We are offering a broad range of seismic services either on-site or from our state of the art processing facility in Klerksdorp (South Africa).These services include:

  • Seismic network design
  • Network installation
  • Network administration and maintenance
  • 24/7 data processing
  • Event notification and reporting
  • Data analyses
  • Routine hazard assessments
  • Seismic training courses.

We have developed an in-house team that are capable of designing, sourcing and installing any geotechnical monitoring and instrumentation array. An OHMS geotechnical instrumentation solution is a 1-stop geotechnical monitoring service. The service is often a cost effective solution whereby the correct instruments are paired with the correct communication infrastructure and data loggers to ensure ease of recording and to maximise data monitoring and efficiencies. These solutions are often a combination of various third party instruments which are used as is or in a modified design – depending on customer and monitoring needs.

Customization of instruments are often required and as a result OHMS has entered into various agreements with suppliers to assist and support us in this regard. OHMS does not endorse any individual instrumentation supplier but will only use instruments and equipment from trusted suppliers.

OHMS Accreditations

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